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We are partnered with Standard Process, Inc. to offer nutritional support with whole food nutrition and herbal supplements.

Standard Process offers key ingredient cross-reference lists, supplement selection guides, purification programs, vegetarian and gluten-free options. The company provides educational nutrition webinars, scientific literature, research, development, news articles, and a professional nutritional library to support their products for healthcare professionals and patients. In addition to assisting patients with treatments and therapy plans, we provide complementary wellness resources.


Standard Process, Inc. has provided quality products for over 90 years. Their belief is that each patient has unique nutritional requirements and should be evaluated by qualified practitioners to provide supplements. Standard Process takes pride in their whole food philosophy to deliver the highest quality supplements.


Each product is farmed and manufactured through a complex quality control program to ensure superior value and safety. Standard Process has defined their own whole food health advantage by operating under this program. Each product & supplement is strategically designed with the consumers natural health in mind.

Personalized Health Program

At Grandy Chiropractic, our goal is to make each patients health and wellness our priority. We take the time to individualize a health program for you based on our nutritional analysis. This is done through non-invasive and personalized testing of the body's nervous system through reflexes and muscle response testing. We are provided with immediate results to be able to determine the appropriate nutritional program specific for you.

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